Thursday, August 11, 2011

Magnet Attraction

Check out our new set up in the Science Center! We have an "I spy"-like collection if pom poms, dominoes, blocks, paper clips, and a bunch of other toys. The preschool class gets to use the magnet wand, horseshoe magnet, and magnetic fishing wand to find out what is magnetic and what is not. We will.also add a science journal to record our observations and an I Spy book of items to look for.
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  1. Another great idea, tired of fighting with the light table that doesn't work, thinking about this kinda of idea in its place (next to the science center. Our kids just love I Spy books!

  2. This looks really fun. I saw it on Pinterest and am going to keep this idea for future reference when my little guy is a bit older. Thanks! Kelly

  3. Love this activity - it's more rigorous than what I was planning! I love the labels on the jars... did you make those?