Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Classroom Labeling

When you step into Sonshine Kids CDC, you may notice that everything is labeled... cubbies, tables, chairs, toys, the wall, etc.  Why do we label the things in our classroom?  Because labeling encourage literacy and organization.

Displaying labels and signs in early childhood classrooms is an important part of creating a print-rich learning environment that also includes books, drawing and writing supplies, play props that have printed words, etc.  Labels and signs in the classroom offer opportunities to use printed language in ways that are real and meaningful in the children's experience.  Young children will "read" the pictures and learn that print can provide useful information.  "The puzzles go here."  "This area is for sand and water play."  "This cubby belongs to James."

Children will naturally begin to associate printed letters and words with pictures and will realize that both real objects and spoken words can be represented by symbols such as pictures and letters.  Even young pre-readers can experience the pride of reading when they interpret symbols.

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